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168 Days: The Second Cabinet

By Ken Snyder

I'll make no bones about it -- I live in what's commonly known as the "inner" city. I worked for a high school in the "inner" city, and while at BPU a lot of my time was spent in the "inner" city -- that's where most of the older traffic signal systems are located, the ones most likely to need attention. Because I own the house I grew up in, I still travel a lot of the streets with traffic signals I used to work on. Once I was "sent home" I kept an eye on things to see how the work I left behind was progressing.

The Third CabinetNotes On The Third Cabinet


For some time, nothing seemed to be happening -- the Washington Boulevard project looked to be at a standstill. When I returned from my 2011 deployment, I found that the third cabinet I built (for 8th & Washington Boulevard) had been installed and was operating. You could still see the note I left on it to be sure they unpacked it before moving it so the items inside wouldn't get damaged (click on the pictures for larger versions in separate windows):


Click here to view a printout of a test I performed on a piece of equipment destined for this cabinet.

Inside Of The Second CabinetThe Door Of The Second Cabinet


In October 2011 I was driving back from an appointment on the Missouri side and thought I'd check in on Washington Boulevard. To my surprise, I found the Traffic Signal Shop hard at work on the second of five cabinets I worked -- the one at 9th & Washington Boulevard. I had a friend stop by and visit with the crew and take a couple of pictures (click on the pictures for larger versions in separate windows):


Click here to view a printout of the same test (as above) for this cabinet.

These images have been reduced in size so they would load in a reasonable amount of time. You might be able to make out details on the larger images; if not, let me tell you there are several items proving this is my work. First of all, if you look at the top left-hand corner of the door picture, you can see the date "4/27/10" and the initials "KWS" -- I put them there while I was working the cabinet. The intersection drawing on the door: my work. The color coding on the cables above the guy's right shoulder inside the cabinet: my work. The writing on the strip of tape just to the left of center in the picture at the very top of the inside-the-cabinet picture: my work. There's a lot more I could point out, but that sets the stage for you.

Since this intersection has been powered up I have driven through it many times. It never fails to work just like it was intended. But remember, I didn't know what I was doing and I "was not completing tasks in a timely manner".

The Second Cabinet
Click on the image for a larger version in a separate window.


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