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168 Days: Ethics?

By Ken Snyder

One thing I remembered from my BPU orientation was that they have an Ethics Commission. We were introduced to Mr. Michael Manske, the Ethics Administrator, who was a retired Marine Corps Colonel. Since I didn't seem to be getting anywhere with my other inquiries I decided to send Manske some of my information. After all, who could possibly call what they did ethical? It was nothing more than a kangaroo court; baseless accusations, no evidence presented, no time to prepare a defense to whatever the "trend" Mr. "I See A Trend" "saw" and "did not like." In other words, what we call in the military an AMBUSH.

After I sent him the packet I figured at the very least I'd get an e-mail to acknowledge that my information was received. But the silence was just as deafening as when I sent the second request for my employee file. Only later would I find out that their investigation was quietly proceeding along -- in typical BPU fashion, so quietly no one even knew there was an investigation. Why? Because there wasn't one. As of the time I originally wrote this page (7 January 2011) I had not heard any more regarding any Ethics Commission investigation.

UPDATE (1/23/2011): I sent an e-mail to the Ethics Administrator, asking if I could meet with him and relate information gathered since I sent him the packet. His response was that he knew that this was being investigated by the Department of Labor and would not "intervene" and forwarded my e-mail to the UG legal counsel and DeLeon for their comments. We'll see what becomes of this.


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