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168 Days: Irony

By Ken Snyder

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, especially when it comes to the fiction that surrounds BPU's lies and cowardice.

While I was deployed, I read that BPU Board of Directors member David Alvey was going to run for Mayor. Are you kidding me? The same David Alvey that FAILED to adequately investigate what really happened with my employment discrimination claim? The same David Alvey that signed the checks designed to make my case "go away?" The same David Alvey that was on the board on the night I went before them and clearly pointed out the FAILURE of their INTEGRITY? Yep, the same one.

While Alvey might not like it, I have made it my goal to expose what the members of the Board and the executive leadership's roles in the travesty that culminated on 8 July 2010. His ambition for higher office makes him my first collateral target, and his direct connection to my case makes him an even clearer target.

I've made it a habit to "follow" his comments and actions online, and point out his contradictory claims. He would like to claim he's all for responsible spending, but his actions speak otherwise. Under his "leadership" BPU (mis)management has spent money on items that do absolutely NOTHING to reduce the water and electric bills of customers in Kansas City, Kansas. As a BPU Board member he travels to out-of-town "conferences" (on BPU rate-payer's dime) that accomplish NOTHING to reduce water and electric bills. As I posted on the "No Quarter" page he is more than happy to spend your money (paid for by water and electric service) to travel to Washington D.C. -- and your utility bill shows no sign of lowering. In fact, BPU regularly has raised rates during the time Alvey has been on the Board.

To counter some BPU apologists (many of which have chose to remain anonymous) I decided to publish another site: No2Alvey.com On there I reference several of his shortcomings while a member of the BPU Board, and address some of the shadowy associations he's bringing along with him. In my opinion he's absolutely the worst candidate that has came along in my memory. Will the voters of KCK elect him as the next Mayor? We will see.

UPDATE: in an election that saw more voters engaged than the previous Mayoral election, Alvey won, but by a smaller margin (his 51.8% versus the 56% in the previous election). So, we now have the Yellow Mayor (hey, he chose his campaign color) in charge.

Isn't it ironic?

One thing Alvey made damn sure to promote on his campaign page was that his own son is enlisting in the Army Reserve. He said it wasn't about his campaign, but that's also a lie: it most certainly is. He wants people to think he supports Guard and Reserve members after he allowed BPU to openly discriminate against one. Now this is as ironic as it gets: his own son could possibly benefit from my efforts to require the Department of Labor to do more and better USERRA investigations. But like some other KCK families that work in the UG and BPU he has "connections" -- so he probably won't need to use USERRA, right?

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