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168 Days: More Questions

By Ken Snyder

At this point, all my initial questions (listed here) still had no plausible answers. But through my investigation, more questions have came to light:

First of all, there are the questions I mentioned on the previous page:

In my reading of The USERRA Manual and several online papers, I kept noticing that a concept of "temporal proximity" kept being mentioned; this means that it could be reasonably considered that there was a connection between military service and an adverse action (like being terminated) if they occurred close to the same time. Well, is 11 calendar days (8 working days) close enough? How about "where there is disparate (unequal) treatment of certain employees compared to other employees with similar work records" -- Dunn's two witnessed statements versus my three, one of which I did not know about, and dated while I was away on ANG duty? Or how about the absence of a formal termination referral in my employee file, in direct contrast to the "sample" files presented to DOL of how terminations are handled at BPU?

Here are a couple of additional questions I came up with after my investigation:

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