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168 Days: Overview

By Ken Snyder

KS: 9th and Washington Boulevard

This is the story regarding my employment and eventual termination as a Traffic Signal Technician at the Kansas City Kansas Board of Public Utilities as well as the subsequent investigation (for the lack of a better word) by the U.S. Departmant of Labor's Veterans Employment and Training Service ("VETS"). Inside you will find names, dates, locations and excerpts from documents outlining what happened inside BPU, the inept handling of my case by VETS, and how I was able to push BPU to a settlement (albeit a pitiful amount). At times the language on this site might get a bit coarse for some readers, but I want it to reflect the true feelings at the time.

My other reason for this site is to allow other service members to learn from my mistakes. If I can warn others as to what happened, what went wrong and what went right, hopefully someone will avoid the pitfalls and achieve justice. I also want this to expose just how poorly VETS handles these cases in the hopes that they will do more investigations and better investigations. As you will see, a lot of what I eventually used against BPU came from the file VETS had pertaining to my case.

I only wanted to have an occupation at a company that I could believe in, with people of integrity and competent leadership; a place I could be loyal to, because they were loyal to me. I have my opinion, based on the experiences listed in the following pages, but you are free to form your own opinion. While "my side of the story" is obviously not the whole story I have tried to be as objective as possible in reporting what I know, even if it doesn't cast me in the most favorable light.


For 167 & 1/2 days everything couldn't have been better. Then everything changed.

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