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168 Days: A "Friend" Can't Talk To Me

By Ken Snyder

Julia Quijas-Ford was a member of my high school graduating class who works at BPU.  One day I wanted to ask her about the location of the traffic signal control cabinets I had assembled and tested, then repackaged for storage until we were ready to install them in the field. Before I was terminated there was considerable talk about moving some of the cabinets and other equipment for upcoming installations because BPU's storeroom next to the Signal Shop was getting overcrowded. In order to let the DOL investigator know exactly where to ask to look at these cabinets I wanted to know if they had moved them. This so-called "friend" didn't even let me get to the point where I could ask the question, and when I commented "they (meaning someone internal at BPU) already talked to you" she didn't offer any defense. Considering we had talked regarding my termination at our class reunion (she appeared shocked when I told her) and had talked with her (before being terminated) about BPU I found the response rather surprising at first. But by this time (October) it appears "discussions" had taken place regarding my situation and a "gag order" of sorts seemed to be in effect.

So much for "friends".......


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