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168 Days: 169 Days

By Ken Snyder

On the "Time For Change" page I talked about my new employer, a contractor for the Department of Energy. This position has been absolutely wonderful: people with integrity (something BPU management can't understand), meaningful work, and plenty of it. No two days are ever the same, and with a steady workload the days go quickly. Preparing drawings, designing test fixtures, writing test programs, working with some of the brightest minds in Kansas City has been a pleasure beyond compare.

My work group is a great mix of experience and youth, with co-workers ready to help me learn the business. Our supervisor does all he can to support us, and we regularly have lunch or after-work get-togethers that make the work experience even more pleasant. I have found a work family that really is family. Also, unlike BPU they actively support service members past and present - we even hold a monthly Veteran's meeting and plan activities as a group.

On Monday, 26 March I invited my new family out after work -- we had something to celebrate. That day marked my 169th day at my new employer. On that day I eclipsed the BPU experience with something far better, and look forward to many, many more days to come.

Some would ask if this would finally allow me to "let it go" and forget the seven-and-a-half year nightmare we endured. Two things still stand in the way of that happening: the well-over a half-of-a-million dollars BPU's lies and cowardice cost my family, and the fact that I have not yet been assured that the Department of Labor will do more and better USERRA investigations in the future. Having a secure employment situation means I can afford to expend the time and energy it's going to take to improve conditions for other service members, so no one else will have a "168 Days" moment like I did. We're still waiting for the President to appoint the next Assistant Secretary for Veterans' Employment and Training at the DOL. Once that happens, we can start the process that I hope to result in an improvement in the training that the front-line Directors and Assistant Directors receive so they can do their job.

When that days comes, then I can "let it go" knowing my experience made a difference.

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