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168 Days: Proof

By Ken Snyder

You want proof? Fine, I've got proof.

Remember how I talked about some Alvey apologists on the "Irony" page? There were two of them that didn't have the spine to ask me directly about my situation, two that more than likely got their jobs on the Fire Department based on who they knew more than what they knew. This is for them, and anyone else that still disputes the validity of my claims. BPU is really going to hate this, but I could care less.

The two individuals responsible for this disclosure are Chris Wing, son of a KCK firefighter's union rep; and Pat Dunn, KCK Fire Captain and brother of BPU Traffic Signal Shop employee Nick Dunn. The fire service is a very honorable career, but these two are obviously the exceptions to the rule.

Then we also have "Travis Smith" (validity of name to be determined) -- Travis has decided to start trolling the "168 Days" Facebook page, posting comments but rarely having the spine to reply to comments when challenged.

So, for Chris, Pat, "Travis", and everyone else that doubts the accuracy of my claims, here's actual copies of items that support them:

First of all, let's explore their "Amended Privilege Log." This is the document that lists the files they have as part of their evidence, but aren't going to share with my attorney. Click here for a copy of the log in a separate window - beware, it is a large file. I found the following items to be of interest:

While I have been compiling this site, certain people have decided to break their silence. I have sworn that their identity would remain anonymous, so don't even ask - I won't tell. They have produced copies of information that was submitted as part of the case, and I have verfied it as accurate with the reports I wrote for my attorney (after reviewing the volumes of e-mails they tried to bombard her with) - I can provide actual Bates numbers (court document numbers) if anyone doubts my claims. All of these documents are the ones referred to on the "No Quarter" page (link provided for reference).
All of the links will open in a new tab.

Now this is only a few of the documents I have, but the message is clear: IF Kelvington had done even a marginal job of investigating (and listened to the information I gave him), came to the obvious conclusion that something was amiss in this case (things just don't line up), determined that my case had merit, and forwarded it to the Department of Justice (where they would have discovered much of what I have, most likely even more) the outcome would have been far different that it was. BPU may have still fought it, but we would be in a much more powerful position to receive justice. This is why I am still pursuing this battle: I don't want someone else out there to be a victim of the Department of Labor's shoddy work.

And if that means that the liars and cowards of BPU and the Unified Government keep getting exposed, so be it. More to come.

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