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168 Days: THE FACTS (For Now)

By Ken Snyder

Some might want to dismiss this whole set of pages as one guy's rant about losing a job, that he's full of it and 1) they probably have every right to do what they did, as well as 2) he can't prove anything he's said. You're entitled to your own opinion; however, the following items are what my claims are based on:

  1. Evaluation #1: I wasn't doing so well, a bit too timid and new to the surroundings. This is the copy sent with the BPU Employee File.
  2. Comment Sheet (with Evaluation #1): Factual comments, although I have my own opinion as to the cell phone comment. This is the copy sent with the BPU Employee File.
  3. Evaluation #2: Things are looking up! This is the copy sent with the BPU Employee File.
  4. BPU Letter #1: I "violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement and rules of the Employee Handbook"? As mentioned in "What The Hell Just Happened?"  My copy, as it was not a part of the Personnel File BPU sent me.
  5. First Request For Personnel File: Also mentioned in "What The Hell Just Happened?"
  6. Second Request For Personnel File: From "What The Hell Just Happened?"
  7. Cover Letter (Sent With Employee File): DeLeon leads off with a lie -- I knew when I read this there was more to my termination than meets the eye.
  8. Evaluation #3: The fraud starts here.  This copy of the original document is annotated with the list of items I noted in "The Investigation."
  9. Comment Sheet (with Evaluation #3): Now we're really into fraud.  Annotated with comments also noted in "The Investigation."
  10. Notes On Evaluation #3 and It's Comment Sheet:  These are the same comments as above, along with some additional information.
  11. Letter From Department of Labor Investigator to BPU Attorney: Even he sees this looks odd.......  Now BPU says I "refused to obey orders"?
  12. Accomplishments While At BPU: Caution, this is a long and somewhat technical file -- this lists every site I can remember working at and what was done at each, elaborating on "Learning The Ropes."
  13. 11 February 2011 Letter to Department of Labor Investigator: In this letter I am trying to understand how the investigator went from outright questioning the 21 June evaluation (noted in #11 above) to the determination of "No Merit" I was told at the 7 January meeting.  On 14 March I received a response to this letter.
  14. BPU Signal Tech Opening: Actual copy from BPU website detailing the qualifications required of a Traffic Signal Technician.


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