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168 Days: Luanne Leeds -- Finally, Someone Who Gets It!

By Ken Snyder

When I contacted Ms. Piscitelli about my case, she provided me a list of attorneys to call in the area. One was the Unified Government's Ethics Administrator, so I knew that one would be a waste of time. Three were in Johnson County, and one was in Topeka -- where I was spending time during my additional days recovering from the hernia surgery. Her name was Luanne Leeds of Leeds Law LLC, and I decided to call her and see if she had the time to hear about my case.

She was kind enough to hear me go on about what had happened for quite some time, and took a look at the files I had collected. She said she couldn't believe they thought this was a legitimate termination, and agreed to represent me. The weight I had been carrying around for over a year finally got a little lighter!

Having someone understand what was happening recharged me, and I worked even harder to collect everything I thought might be important. I started to outline just how much my losses were adding up to be, this meant keeping track of every dime I earned. In the legal process, things don't happen quickly when you want them to. But now I had someone who was really on my side. She would ask for information and I would get it to her as quickly as possible, and she would share with me what she received. Ms. Leeds was the perfect person for the job, and I knew BPU would now have to answer for what they did.

As time went on, I would find out just how savvy she was in the employment law field. When it came time to file our case, she not only filed it against BPU but Johnson and Clark as well. This would set the stage for our first legal battle -- more on that later.


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